DMCC 2016 Mike Raiche

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The Koncept Motorsports shop in Napierville is well known in the Quebec drift community. The mastermind owner Michael Raiche was part of different successfull and very competitive drift cars builds over the years.

With a background in amateur drifting, Raiche is coming back strong this year, making his pro drifting debut in the DMCC series. With his JDM Nissan 180SX, he’s driving one the rare cars still equiped with the original engine and even more rare 4 cylinders engine in an era of monster 8 cylinders engines in lightweight cars!

Michael built a few custom parts for the RTX Wheels Scion FR-S in the last year, so his obvious choice when the time came to choose wheels for his 180SX build was to come to us. The RSPEC series Stag in 17" for the front and Vex in 18 inch for the rear and a matte black finish were selected, the available specs and the design of these wheels are perfect to complete the look of a drift car and to perform on the track.


As the exclusive distributor of RTX Wheels in the US, we are glad to see them support the 2016 DMCC season of driver Michael Raiche. We’ll follow closely his performances on the tracks this year, stay tuned to our blog and social media for regular updates throughout the season!


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